Wednesday, June 16, 2010

week 37 day 4

If I was poetic
It might be pathetic
But I'd write an ode to contractions.

They keep me awake
Although they are fake
And I'd just like to get a nap in.

But seriously, I really would like to sleep a little better. I mean, I'm definitely sleeping better than poor Kristin who is itchy all over, but waking up to cramping isn't very fun either.

Last night, Mike and I were quickly walking out of the grocery store when all of the sudden I got a charlie horse in my thigh! I gasped and bent down and Mike immediately thought my water had broke. Luckily it was just my leg but the fact that we're only 16 days away from our due date is pretty scary and I'm pretty worried about my water breaking while I'm out and about. The chances of that happening aren't very high but it could still happen.

The past few days have been weird days. First, Sunday I was really sick with really bad contractions. Monday I had the worst contraction I had ever had - lower back pains, abdominal cramping, pressure on my pelvis, and all the while, Katie was pushing her little feet against my side. That night, while I was asleep, I thought my water had broke and I was feeling some contractions. I decided to lay down for a while and ended up waking up 2 hours later to no water breakage.

Mike and I are hoping Katie will stay in there for just a few more weeks until we get everything taken care of that we need to, but I don't know how likely it is that she will wait. Plus, don't tell Mike, but I secretly hope that she'll come pretty soon. I'm ready for her to be here, I can't stop reorganizing her things and mulling over what I should do about her room situation (it still needs things and needs to be reorganized ... yes, again ... I'm obsessed), and my body would really like to shed some of these extra pounds. I've gained about 23 pounds, which true, it's not much, but to my little body, it's quite a bit.


  1. haha, I love that secretly you want her to come. Of course you do, it seems like every preggo lady starts dying in the last few weeks. Someone told me once that if your water breaks in the grocery store throw a jar of pickles down and no one will be able to tell. haha...except that maybe your legs will be all wet. That's nice though that Mike is on alert.

  2. The Friday before Talmage was born (he was born on a Sunday), Sam asked where I wanted to go on a date. I told him I wanted to go to the hospital! Talmage was a couple of days overdue by that point, and when he laughed I explained that after carrying him around inside me for 9 months I was SO ready for him to come!! Good luck with the final'll be here before you know it!

  3. Oh I'm good! :) I just sleep during the day instead. :) It sounds like you have it way worse.