Thursday, June 17, 2010

week 37 day 5

It's becoming more and more real each day. All day I go through periods of excitement that quickly turn to worry. But the next thing I know, I'm excited again.

Today the doctor went over with us when to go to the hospital. It's pretty crazy that this is something I actually need to remember now. I plan to wait to go to the hospital for as long as possible. I'd much rather be at home and comfy than in the hospital - unless it's unsafe to be at home any longer. I plan to watch a lot of television until I have to go to the hospital to deaden my brain ... or maybe I'll work more on becoming better at Chess than Mike. You know, he was on the Chess Team for a month or so at one point in his life - ha. I can't make fun of him enough for that. Poor kid.

I've also gained a pound and a half in the past week so that's good. My poor muscles are feeling the results of gaining weight but I just keep telling myself that in a few weeks, I'll be at least 8 pounds less than I am right now.

So I'm dilated 2-3 cm and 80-90% effaced. This still doesn't mean anything other than my body is still getting ready. I'm still waiting for the doctor to say, "Oh good! This means you should have your baby in the next few days!" But of course, that's NEVER going to happen except for in my dreams.

Which reminds me, I had a lot of dreams last night about the crib, giving birth, and a bean bag chair we ordered for Katie's room. I've been mulling over the chair problem. Rocking chairs are slightly dangerous because little kids get their fingers and toes smushed and they're not that cheap for a nice, new one. Gliders are preferable but they're just really expensive. The ultimate would be a Lazy Boy but if I'm not willing to spend money on a glider, I'm definitely not getting a Lazy Boy. So after some searching, we found a video bean bag at Walmart. We'll put extra filling into it to make it more sturdy but I'm pretty excited about it. I think it'll be a nice place to rest in the middle of the night and it was by far, the cheapest option.

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