Thursday, February 16, 2012

week 28 day 7

It's a little odd that I'm still caught off guard by all the people who say, "When are you due?" as they point to my stomach.  I look down, remember I'm pregnant, and try to remember my grandma's birthday, since that's the due date.

I don't remember I'm pregnant too often still.  I feel uncomfortable but I often rationalize it as I've eaten too much, because usually I have.  Or I'm tired because I stayed up reading.  Or my back hurts because I've been hauling K around.  Or I have heartburn because I ate half a bucket of cheese puffs.  But then I remember I'm pregnant and am glad that that is probably the reason for my pain.  And because I ate half a bucket of cheese puffs.

The time for me to be a mother of two is approaching really quickly and it's scary.  I'm not at all ready for it and sometimes wish I could go back in time and change my mind as to whether I was ready to be a mother of two.  But my decision was made and I'm sure I'll love it at some point. 

But seriously.  How does anyone raise more than one child at a time?  I never got to see it growing up so forget drowning - this mother-of-two thing has become my worst fear.  Will I ever get to sleep?  Will there be lots of crying?  Will K feel like I've abandoned her?  Can you really go to the grocery store with more than one child?  Because I submit to you, that you cannot.

On the upside, K is doing extremely well in her toddler bed.  It's been about one month since we made the switch and now that we put up a sheet over her window for her nap, she falls asleep within minutes.  She doesn't necessarily wake up happy but I'm okay with that as long as she has actually slept.

K and I went to story time today at the library.  We went to the older kids' one that she usually doesn't ever want to sit through so I thought today would be no exception.  However, the kids got a teddy bear to hold and she loved that.  She actually participated (normally she just sits and stares) in the dancing and activities so that was a lot of fun.

K has begun picking up on the most random things and everyday she improves on her speech.  It's still not clear, but I like knowing what she's talking about even when "bath" and "blanket" sound basically the same.  I always wondered how parents knew what their kids were talking about when it sounded like babbling to me.  Now I know. 

She has even picked up on when I'm frustrated and will repeat me very well during those times.  K also says "Quirkle" really well which isn't really even a real word - it's just the name of a game.  How she can say "Quirkle" but she can't (or won't) say "cat" is beyond me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

week 28 day 1

I just realized that we're not at 29 weeks like I thought we were going to be for the past few days.  I'm relieved.

The baby kicks and moves a lot.  He especially moves when Mike and K are playing and being loud.  I think he wants out - he wants to play with them.  I wouldn't mind him being out here either to save my body from any more pain.

Shade Clothing was/is having a great sale on maternity clothes so I jumped on it ... partially.  My shirts were $7.49 each which was awesome and I have a few more shirts I can wear for this third trimester of pregnancy.  A couple of them totally make me look like I'm 40 and pregnant but they're so comfortable so I really couldn't care less.  Plus with my new hair cut (I got it cut A-line style above my shoulders), I feel so much better about how I look.  I'm sure I still look pregnant and miserable (even the most stylish ladies look miserable when they're a few weeks away from giving birth, I think) but at least I feel better about myself.  I feel like long hair and pregnant me don't go well together.

K talks about babies a lot.  Sometimes I mistake it for her saying "blanket" but it's cute when she points out all the babies at the store and even points to herself as a baby.  She's right.  She's still a baby.

I was just looking at facebook and a friend just found out they're having a boy!  Exciting!  And the boy crossed his legs right after they verified it.  Which made me remember, Dr. Lameroux thought we were having a girl the entire time he was doing the ultrasound (at least 10 minutes) and then at the very end he said, "I thought I knew what you were having but now I'm not sure."  He checked and checked and said something like, "It's a boy!" 

Wouldn't that be odd if we're actually having a girl?  I mean, Mike was positive we were having a boy and I was fairly certain (although one factor made me think otherwise), but that would be so strange to actually have the story of thinking you're having one gender and when the baby's born, it's the other gender.  Luckily we're not going full out on any blankets, decorations, or any other "boy" things.  But I'll be honest, I would love to have another girl to dress up.  I could just do without all the drama and crying from a girl. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

week 27 day 3

A few months ago, I was disputing the whole "grumpy pregnant lady" thing with Mike.  I didn't remember being really grumpy and irrational with him while pregnant with K.  But a few months later, I realize that I am totally a grumpy pregnant lady.

My patience with anyone and everything runs exceptionally low.  Today, Primary (a part of the LDS church for children) didn't go too well as I was continuously frustrated with our class of 6-year olds.  I won't go into details, but let's just say that I would never be friends with any of these kids, except for 1, if we were all the same age.  I especially wouldn't be friends with the one who always complains and doesn't think that rules ever apply to her.  I realize that we're in church and not school, but I expect respect out of these kids and if I'm known as the "mean teacher," I really couldn't care less.

K is doing better in Nursery (a part of the LDS church for ages 18 months to 3 years old during church).  She cries when she's dropped off but the Nursery leaders say she does much better after she calms down, which is good.  I don't think she needs us in there with her and she obviously can do just fine without us.  But I understand that she would be frightened that we left her in a room full of strangers.  Luckily for her, I trust these "strangers" and know that they do great with her.

Friday, February 3, 2012

week 27 day 1

My cousins are blessing their new-ish baby in about a month and I was just thinking about how adorable that is that they have another cute child and how amazing it must be to be a mom of three.  And then it hit me, like I had never even thought of the concept before ... we're due in three months from tomorrow.  Three!

In case you don't feel this way, three months isn't very long.  I mean, a lot can be accomplished in three months, but it's really not much time at all.

K and I went to the mall this morning and looked at baby boy clothes.  I was highly disappointed.  I felt like the stores were packed with cute little girl clothes, but where were all the cute spring boy clothes?  Then I realized - the stores thought that these clothes were cute!

And looking back on it, they were.  But there were no flowered dresses with pink shoes or cute little skirts with yellow ruffle shirts on the boys' sides.  Which is good.  But it was then that I realized that dressing a little boy is not as fun as dressing a little girl.  And so I left the mall disappointed.

But don't worry.  I don't think I'll be disappointed for his whole life on his clothes options.  Because around toddler age, there were really adorable shirts and shorts that I'd love to dress a two-year old in, just not those kind of clothes for infants ... unless I wanted to pay $20 for a shirt.  And it's a shirt that he's going to spit up in, have blowouts on, and hopefully grow out of within 5 months ... I just can't spend that much on an infant t-shirt.