Friday, April 30, 2010

week 30 day 6

I hate heartburn. I have it quite often now which means that it's usually followed by some nausea ...

When I wake up early in the mornings (this morning being no exception), I like to spend some mommy-baby time. During these times, I feel her roll and kick and punch and I rub my belly. I especially like rubbing her head. At times, she'll push it so hard against me that I look down and there's a huge bulge where her head is, so I'll rub it and tell her she's a silly girl who has a big head. Mike and I think the big head comes from all of those people who tell us she's going to be a really cute kid - we think it's gone to her head.

The baby moves a ton during most days which is really funny because whenever I call Mike over to witness the movement or I walk to him to show him, she usually stops moving. I just can't wait until she gets older so I can train her to just stand completely still whenever Mike enters the room. It will be very symbolic of these days when she's completely still whenever he wants to feel her moving.

But on a more serious note, as our last 2 months of being pregnant are winding up, with each passing day I am more and more grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted me with this little child. After falling in love with Mike, I couldn't really imagine feeling this much love for anyone else, yet it's happened. This little baby hasn't even been born, yet I love her so much. I can only imagine what Heavenly Father must feel for all of us.

I am also so grateful that He knows what's best for us. As I'm sure you know, Mike and I had great plans to stay childless for a couple of years after first being married but we found out a few months later that was not the course we should take. Although it took a lot of trust in God to believe that He knew that we could handle this at this point in our lives, I feel like he actually has a deep sense of trust for us to take one of his children and help them start their life on this earth. After this morning's festivities, I wouldn't be too surprised if sometimes his trust slips just a little bit because sometimes we can act pretty immature, but the fact that he trusts us so much is so relieving and gives me so much more strength.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

week 30 day 3

I'm sad that I ever felt lucky that I never have had heartburn because now I have it all the time. I can expect to have it almost every evening which eventually leads to nausea ... oh, 2nd trimester, how I miss you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

week 30 day 1

Today before Priesthood and Relief Society started, Mike and I were in the chapel talking to a couple of the men in the ward. One man told me a terrifying story while the other one told me a story of one of the easiest pregnancies I've ever heard of.

Conclusion? I'm going to assume the worst and hope for the best.

Crazy ... 2 1/2 more months.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

week 29 day 4 part 2

The stats:

BP: 108/68 (120/80 is normal, 110/70 is normal for me)
Glucose: normal
Iron: 41 (I'm just above average and I used to be anemic!)
Weight: 20 pounds gained
Belly: 28 cm (29 is about average)

HR: 140 bpm
Moving 6-10 times per hour: check

So what does this all really mean?

We're going to Hawaii! Woot woot!

week 29 day 4

There are many reasons as to why I don't really sleep well anymore. Here are the top 3 of today:

1. I couldn't keep my breakfast down and trying to eat afterward led to really bad heartburn which led to nausea.
2. I have a baby with hiccups that keeps doing somersaults in my belly, I'm pretty sure.
3. I took a nap earlier because I felt like crap.

I sure hope this lack of a sleep routine helps me when the baby comes.

Friday, April 16, 2010

week 28 day 6

You know how sometimes when something big happens to you, you start noticing all the people around you that are in a similar situation?

Well, I've noticed that a lot of people are pregnant lately. True, I know more non-pregnant people than pregnant people, but I've heard a lot lately, "I think there's something in the water around here cause everyone's pregnant."

First of all, I don't really get it. Do people not know how babies come about? I mean, Sweeney told me the whole story last night about how the whole baby thing happens and it definitely has nothing to do with water and has everything to do with a stork.

But I really do feel like a lot of people are pregnant. Sometimes it's pretty awkward to think about, but nonetheless, I'm really excited for them!

I think that a lot of kids talking and screaming in one small confined area bothers the baby. She is always so restless when I'm with a bunch of kids which is so unfortunate because that means I have to use the restroom a lot when I'm at clubs with the kids. I really feel like she kneads my bladder.

Today, she's been massaging the inside of my abdomen for the past couple of hours. Have you ever sat in one of those massage chairs and felt the rolly things go up and down and across your back? Well that's what the baby feels like inside. I'm not sure how she's making that feeling, maybe a shoulder or something, but it feels good. I just wish she'd move out of her 2 by 2 inch square that she's moving in and spread out a little.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

week 28 day 4

So I woke up very early this morning - 3 am. I, of course, was hoping I would go back to sleep so I stayed in bed for another hour just thinking about all the things I could be doing and how everything is going to fit and be placed in the place we're moving into. And finally I decided to get up at 4.

After a couple hours of work, I decided to lay back down around 8 am. I fell asleep on the couch because if Mike was getting ready for work, I didn't want him to wake me up until it was time to leave. I slowly woke up at 9:30, started singing a song (I don't know why I do that lately) and all of the sudden I started screaming. I had a charlie horse in my leg and haven't had one for over 12 years and forgot how much it hurts. Mike ran over to me, trying to get me to stretch my leg but I couldn't. I just kept yelling "help" and screaming. At one intense point I yelled, "I think I'm dying!" Ha. Mike helped me through the pain and I stopped screaming.

And that was when I knew ... I have to get an epidural.

At one point I remembered that I need to breathe and relax but after taking one deep breath I realized I wasn't trying to relax my belly area and so there was no point.

I've read for quite a few weeks about how pregnant women are more likely to get charlie horses and many mornings I wake up with a slight charlie horse but it's never painful. I just stretch my leg and it's gone. I just feel bad for all the ladies that have to go through this more regularly. Ouch.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

week 28 day 3

So we've entered the third trimester. Mike's been enjoying feeling the baby twist and turn and punch and kick lately. It's crazy how much she seems to grow each week now. Well, she's always grown quite a bit each week comparatively, but I'm actually able to feel it now which is great.

I'm looking forward to 3 months from now so I don't have to rely on others to carry things for me. Not only do I feel lame when I have to have my coworkers carry everything for me, but I'm quite sure I'm losing a lot of arm muscle by not carrying heavy things. Plus I have to make several trips to the car when I take groceries in to the apartment. Boo.

I've been reading this blog called the Confessions from a Mormon Bachelor Pad. There are 2 reasons why I'd like to mention them. One, I'll admit, it's my guilty pleasure. Lately there has been this whole thing about whether they are real or not and whether they are actually a lot older than they claim. Either way, I don't really care and I don't get why a lot of people do care. We're all reading it for the story, right? Why ruin it? Plus their stories are actually really great. At first, I was a little offended (I'm not sure why, maybe I just felt really guilty for spending hours getting caught up on their blog, especially when it was stated that one of the boys went to my high school) but now it's more of a television sitcom to me but luckily it comes on more than once a week and there are never repeats. Seeing as we don't have a television, this provides quite a bit of entertainment for me while I rub my belly and tell my little girl that she's never growing up.

The second reason is because they're doing this giveaway promotion for a Shabby Apple dress. It's very unlikely that I would actually win but it's nice to dream about the day when I'll be able to fit one of their awesome dresses. I complain about my extra weight almost every day because of the pain that I feel every night and I just can't wait to get rid of it. It'll be nice to have most of my figure back so that my normal clothes fit well - it's a little depressing right now that normal clothes are just a little small for me and all maternity clothes seem to be too big for me, mostly just length wise. Oh Shabby Apple, how I dream of you almost everyday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

week 27 day 5

Last night around 11, I was trying to go to sleep. I had woken up at 3:30 that morning so I was ready for a long rest. However, the baby thought differently. In fact, I'm pretty sure she was practicing to play Rock Band drums on expert with a little head banging and a lot of moving. She must have been pretty worn out because when I woke up during the middle of the night, she wasn't moving as much as she normally is during the night.

Mike and I are trying to plan another vacation for next month. It's been really difficult because I don't want to be uncomfortable the whole time and I don't want it to be too high stress because I don't know how fast I'll be able to move ... or willing to move. I also have a huge fear that something will happen with the baby like her trying to come out early. It's not likely since she's my first but since she's my first and I don't know anything about my family history, it could be a possibility. It would just really stink to be stuck somewhere where there isn't good health care and good hospitals.

I'm really leaning towards Hawaii. It's really beautiful and there are a lot of things I want to see there. The Caribbean is also a choice but I haven't found a lot of things I want to do there yet other than snorkel ... but I don't think I will be able to do that. Either way, little Katie gets to come with us. I just feel bad that she won't be able to remember any of it and since we're going now, we probably won't go there again. There's just too many things to see in this world.

Another downfall to planning for next month is it looks like it's our last chance to go to a seminar at AF Hospital for this birth. If we don't get to go next month, chances are, we won't actually go and I think we should go. I also have a problem because I feel like I should be taking some birthing classes but I don't know what to take. It seems like other than the working through the pain and the actual pushing, there's not much more to it. But there must be more, right? Why else do they have classes?

But maybe it's like taxes. This was my first year doing taxes by myself. Normally my dad is nice enough to do them for me. I was worried because I've only heard that it's hard yet it was fairly simple once I figured out which forms I was supposed to fill out. Granted, I made one mistake, but when I entered the tax forms in online, I would've realized it.

Anyway, I guess my next goal is to research about birthing classes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

week 27 day 4

First off, I'm going to make a request to not enlarge this photo.  It had been a long day full of running around and I had some scary hair from the wind.  I always call the little hairs that stick out on the sides my horns.  Feel free to call them the same.

Anyway, this is at 27 weeks.  I invite you to compare it to the photo below.  This was taken last July.  You can't see me too well, but I can definitely tell there was no bump.  You can also compare it to this past post.

Monday, April 5, 2010

week 27 day 2

We're just a few days away from reaching the 3rd trimester which just seems absolutely crazy.  It really seems like just last week I was writing about being in the last week of the 1st trimester!  The second trimester has gone by so fast!  I've been able to work quite a bit (and may be getting a side job which would be wonderful!), I've been able to mostly keep up the housework, I've had plenty of time every night to watch a movie with Anna Marie (I'd watch them with Mike but he's always busy working), and I've had plenty of time to sleep ... well, if I don't stay up late watching a movie.  I'd love to take more naps but maybe someday I'll have time ... like when Mike and I take an awesome vacation next month!!!

As much as I've been feeling really good these past 13 weeks, as you know, I've had a lot of pain which made me decide last night that I'm done being pregnant.  Of course I want Kate to be born when she's fully ready and developed, but this just isn't really fun anymore.  It really stinks to fall asleep crying because my body aches so much. 

But it's been so fun this past week as I've been able to tell she's growing even more because her kicks are no longer fun little kicks.  Occasionally she'll kick so hard that it'll scare me and make me jump.  I can also tell that she's no longer able to move freely about.  Instead, I can feel her little limbs and body pushing against my stomach as she tries to readjust. 

I've also been feeling her hiccups every day for the past week.  It's such a weird feeling.  I always try to stop the weird pulsing feeling in my abdomen until I realize that she's just got a case of the hiccups.  Way too fun. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

week 26 day 6

This week has been a pretty tiring week!  If you haven't read from our other blog, I had a Leadermete Conference.  It's a big conference held once a year for Utah 4-H full of lots of classes and such.  So basically I've been there all day for the past few days learning and growing and getting some awesome stuff.

Anyway, quite a few fun things have been happening with pregnancy and one not so good thing.

The not so good thing:  pain.  Lots of pain. 

Good things:  the baby is moving a lot which is so fun.  Also, a lot of people lately have been asking me when I'm due and how I'm doing which is nice because at least I know that I look pregnant now.  It's also made me feel a lot older.  Well, a lot of older people have been talking to me these past few days.  I guess that's just what happens when you grow up.  I'm just used to talking to younger people, I guess.

Yesterday, I was walking with the person who is my supervisor for my volunteer work (she was at Leadermete too since I volunteer for 4-H).  She is pregnant as well but is about 38 weeks along.  As we were walking, she said, "You walk really fast for a pregnant lady."  I just laughed.  I've always had to walk fast to make up for my short legs.  Not only that, but I had left a bunch of things I needed at the office so I had to go to my office before going to my next class.  About an hour later, another lady approached us and said, "You guys are so cute.  You're just little waddlers."

So now I know.  I'm a fast waddler.  And here I was, thinking I just waddled.