Friday, April 30, 2010

week 30 day 6

I hate heartburn. I have it quite often now which means that it's usually followed by some nausea ...

When I wake up early in the mornings (this morning being no exception), I like to spend some mommy-baby time. During these times, I feel her roll and kick and punch and I rub my belly. I especially like rubbing her head. At times, she'll push it so hard against me that I look down and there's a huge bulge where her head is, so I'll rub it and tell her she's a silly girl who has a big head. Mike and I think the big head comes from all of those people who tell us she's going to be a really cute kid - we think it's gone to her head.

The baby moves a ton during most days which is really funny because whenever I call Mike over to witness the movement or I walk to him to show him, she usually stops moving. I just can't wait until she gets older so I can train her to just stand completely still whenever Mike enters the room. It will be very symbolic of these days when she's completely still whenever he wants to feel her moving.

But on a more serious note, as our last 2 months of being pregnant are winding up, with each passing day I am more and more grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted me with this little child. After falling in love with Mike, I couldn't really imagine feeling this much love for anyone else, yet it's happened. This little baby hasn't even been born, yet I love her so much. I can only imagine what Heavenly Father must feel for all of us.

I am also so grateful that He knows what's best for us. As I'm sure you know, Mike and I had great plans to stay childless for a couple of years after first being married but we found out a few months later that was not the course we should take. Although it took a lot of trust in God to believe that He knew that we could handle this at this point in our lives, I feel like he actually has a deep sense of trust for us to take one of his children and help them start their life on this earth. After this morning's festivities, I wouldn't be too surprised if sometimes his trust slips just a little bit because sometimes we can act pretty immature, but the fact that he trusts us so much is so relieving and gives me so much more strength.

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