Monday, February 22, 2010

week 21 day 2

Here I am at week 21.  Not much of a change. 

I had this weird thing taken off of my belly button this morning and had to have a little local anesthesia.  As I was lying on my back, waiting for the doctor to slice that thing off of me, the baby was kicking like crazy.  I was surprised that neither Mike nor the doctor could see it kicking.

I've decided that it's okay if people tell me I don't look pregnant as long as they add in the key phrase:  "... because you are so small."  Without that little addition, I take it that people just think I'm normally this big.  Because I feel biiiiiiiiigggggg.

After seeing our little niece last night, it made me really excited to have a kid.  I think it'll be a lot of fun.  But as Mike and I were discussing this morning, little cute kids turn into big monstrous kids.  Too bad too, they're so cute when they're little ... like puppies.

I'm looking forward to teaching our little kid all sorts of things.  Mike is really worried about our child knowing numbers and math stuff so I'm guessing a lot of the daddy time will be spent learning about fractions and other algebraic things that Mike knows.  Poor kid.

Last night, the little niece and I practiced zipping.  We zipped and unzipped my jacket for a few minutes and then she found a book that zips up so we practiced zipping it open and closed.  That was just too much fun.

By the way, that little niece of ours doesn't understand that Mike and I have different names.  I'm guessing when she was learning names, I was associated with Mike too much and somehow she ended up thinking my name is Mike too.  But I found out last night that at least she knows I'm a girl and Mike's a boy.  I'm "girl Mike" and Mike's "boy Mike."  Gosh.  Cute kid.


  1. That is really funny by the way. Maybe I will start calling you "girl mike".