Friday, April 2, 2010

week 26 day 6

This week has been a pretty tiring week!  If you haven't read from our other blog, I had a Leadermete Conference.  It's a big conference held once a year for Utah 4-H full of lots of classes and such.  So basically I've been there all day for the past few days learning and growing and getting some awesome stuff.

Anyway, quite a few fun things have been happening with pregnancy and one not so good thing.

The not so good thing:  pain.  Lots of pain. 

Good things:  the baby is moving a lot which is so fun.  Also, a lot of people lately have been asking me when I'm due and how I'm doing which is nice because at least I know that I look pregnant now.  It's also made me feel a lot older.  Well, a lot of older people have been talking to me these past few days.  I guess that's just what happens when you grow up.  I'm just used to talking to younger people, I guess.

Yesterday, I was walking with the person who is my supervisor for my volunteer work (she was at Leadermete too since I volunteer for 4-H).  She is pregnant as well but is about 38 weeks along.  As we were walking, she said, "You walk really fast for a pregnant lady."  I just laughed.  I've always had to walk fast to make up for my short legs.  Not only that, but I had left a bunch of things I needed at the office so I had to go to my office before going to my next class.  About an hour later, another lady approached us and said, "You guys are so cute.  You're just little waddlers."

So now I know.  I'm a fast waddler.  And here I was, thinking I just waddled.

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