Tuesday, April 24, 2012

week 38 day 5

The baby feels pretty low today and has been very fond of pushing down and stretching. It's pretty uncomfortable now that he's so big.

K got moved to a real toddler bed today, thanks to Mike's sister and her family. Also thanks to K's cousin, K got a little trike thing which is perfect because we were over at a friend's this morning and she loved playing on all of their bikes and tricycles. And now she has one of her very own!

She loves her "new" bed. While it was sitting in the kitchen today before being moved to her room, she flung herself onto it, sat on top and said "big bed!" It's not any bigger than her crib-to-toddler bed, but she loves it nonetheless. She "ooo" and "ahhh"s at it every chance she gets.

K accidentally ran into my belly tonight and said, "Oh, baby. Hi." and patted my stomach. Then she leaned in and gave it a kiss. It was so cute.

Today I've had quite a bit of pain. My hips and back hurt and that great sciatic nerve has been driving me crazy today. I wish I could still wear that back support brace thing but I can't wear it while I have contractions because it gets too tight and I have a hard time breathing.

K is pretty accident prone and it's quite funny. The past couple of days, she's completely fallen and it's hilarious. For example, she sent to climb onto her bed tonight but somehow ended up falling backwards towards the floor. Mike caught her and Mike and I laughed. I thought for sure she'd cry but she found it just as funny. She giggled and giggled ... I love her giggle. It's so funny.

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