Friday, February 3, 2012

week 27 day 1

My cousins are blessing their new-ish baby in about a month and I was just thinking about how adorable that is that they have another cute child and how amazing it must be to be a mom of three.  And then it hit me, like I had never even thought of the concept before ... we're due in three months from tomorrow.  Three!

In case you don't feel this way, three months isn't very long.  I mean, a lot can be accomplished in three months, but it's really not much time at all.

K and I went to the mall this morning and looked at baby boy clothes.  I was highly disappointed.  I felt like the stores were packed with cute little girl clothes, but where were all the cute spring boy clothes?  Then I realized - the stores thought that these clothes were cute!

And looking back on it, they were.  But there were no flowered dresses with pink shoes or cute little skirts with yellow ruffle shirts on the boys' sides.  Which is good.  But it was then that I realized that dressing a little boy is not as fun as dressing a little girl.  And so I left the mall disappointed.

But don't worry.  I don't think I'll be disappointed for his whole life on his clothes options.  Because around toddler age, there were really adorable shirts and shorts that I'd love to dress a two-year old in, just not those kind of clothes for infants ... unless I wanted to pay $20 for a shirt.  And it's a shirt that he's going to spit up in, have blowouts on, and hopefully grow out of within 5 months ... I just can't spend that much on an infant t-shirt.

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