Friday, February 10, 2012

week 28 day 1

I just realized that we're not at 29 weeks like I thought we were going to be for the past few days.  I'm relieved.

The baby kicks and moves a lot.  He especially moves when Mike and K are playing and being loud.  I think he wants out - he wants to play with them.  I wouldn't mind him being out here either to save my body from any more pain.

Shade Clothing was/is having a great sale on maternity clothes so I jumped on it ... partially.  My shirts were $7.49 each which was awesome and I have a few more shirts I can wear for this third trimester of pregnancy.  A couple of them totally make me look like I'm 40 and pregnant but they're so comfortable so I really couldn't care less.  Plus with my new hair cut (I got it cut A-line style above my shoulders), I feel so much better about how I look.  I'm sure I still look pregnant and miserable (even the most stylish ladies look miserable when they're a few weeks away from giving birth, I think) but at least I feel better about myself.  I feel like long hair and pregnant me don't go well together.

K talks about babies a lot.  Sometimes I mistake it for her saying "blanket" but it's cute when she points out all the babies at the store and even points to herself as a baby.  She's right.  She's still a baby.

I was just looking at facebook and a friend just found out they're having a boy!  Exciting!  And the boy crossed his legs right after they verified it.  Which made me remember, Dr. Lameroux thought we were having a girl the entire time he was doing the ultrasound (at least 10 minutes) and then at the very end he said, "I thought I knew what you were having but now I'm not sure."  He checked and checked and said something like, "It's a boy!" 

Wouldn't that be odd if we're actually having a girl?  I mean, Mike was positive we were having a boy and I was fairly certain (although one factor made me think otherwise), but that would be so strange to actually have the story of thinking you're having one gender and when the baby's born, it's the other gender.  Luckily we're not going full out on any blankets, decorations, or any other "boy" things.  But I'll be honest, I would love to have another girl to dress up.  I could just do without all the drama and crying from a girl. 

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