Thursday, February 16, 2012

week 28 day 7

It's a little odd that I'm still caught off guard by all the people who say, "When are you due?" as they point to my stomach.  I look down, remember I'm pregnant, and try to remember my grandma's birthday, since that's the due date.

I don't remember I'm pregnant too often still.  I feel uncomfortable but I often rationalize it as I've eaten too much, because usually I have.  Or I'm tired because I stayed up reading.  Or my back hurts because I've been hauling K around.  Or I have heartburn because I ate half a bucket of cheese puffs.  But then I remember I'm pregnant and am glad that that is probably the reason for my pain.  And because I ate half a bucket of cheese puffs.

The time for me to be a mother of two is approaching really quickly and it's scary.  I'm not at all ready for it and sometimes wish I could go back in time and change my mind as to whether I was ready to be a mother of two.  But my decision was made and I'm sure I'll love it at some point. 

But seriously.  How does anyone raise more than one child at a time?  I never got to see it growing up so forget drowning - this mother-of-two thing has become my worst fear.  Will I ever get to sleep?  Will there be lots of crying?  Will K feel like I've abandoned her?  Can you really go to the grocery store with more than one child?  Because I submit to you, that you cannot.

On the upside, K is doing extremely well in her toddler bed.  It's been about one month since we made the switch and now that we put up a sheet over her window for her nap, she falls asleep within minutes.  She doesn't necessarily wake up happy but I'm okay with that as long as she has actually slept.

K and I went to story time today at the library.  We went to the older kids' one that she usually doesn't ever want to sit through so I thought today would be no exception.  However, the kids got a teddy bear to hold and she loved that.  She actually participated (normally she just sits and stares) in the dancing and activities so that was a lot of fun.

K has begun picking up on the most random things and everyday she improves on her speech.  It's still not clear, but I like knowing what she's talking about even when "bath" and "blanket" sound basically the same.  I always wondered how parents knew what their kids were talking about when it sounded like babbling to me.  Now I know. 

She has even picked up on when I'm frustrated and will repeat me very well during those times.  K also says "Quirkle" really well which isn't really even a real word - it's just the name of a game.  How she can say "Quirkle" but she can't (or won't) say "cat" is beyond me.

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