Monday, January 30, 2012

week 26 day 4

K's toddler bed thing is going much better today than it has the last week.  She always goes to bed just fine at night but naps are a struggle.  She will read for 3 hours straight in her room until she cries herself to sleep or doesn't nap at all.

Yesterday she just didn't nap at all.  She sat in her room for close to 4 hours - we kept thinking she was going to go to sleep and she never did.  So she didn't get a nap.  And she didn't sleep too well last night.

But today, Mike took all of her books out of her room and she fell asleep within minutes for her nap.  She could have just been very tired or maybe taking the books out of the room helped.  It's hard to say.

Baby L seems to react quite a bit to K's crying.  He'll kick and push and try to hit her if she invades his space.  Mike and K seem to do a good job of waking him up as well.  They crawl around and bark and maybe he just wants to be a part of it but he sure does move a lot when they make a lot of noise.

It's hard to believe that we are less than 14 weeks away from having a new kid.  Fourteen weeks seems like a lot but I know it won't be. 

K got a new car seat last week.  She seems to like it a lot but unfortunately, it might not fit well when Mike drives the car.  The infant car seat has to go behind the passenger because it's so long but as long as K has to sit rear facing in her toddler seat, it won't fit behind the driver's seat when Mike drives.  So we may be looking into a bigger car before baby L comes which is sort of stressful.  But I'm sure we'll figure it out.

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