Friday, October 14, 2011

week 11

Remember when I was good at blogging?  My life has been so crazy busy that this blog gets the least attention ... well, I guess my photo blog gets the least least attention but this is a close second.

This pregnancy isn't anything like the last one.  So when I went to my first doctor's appointment on September 23, I wasn't excited.  I was nervous, scared, and terrified to know what speech a doctor has to give someone who doesn't have a living fetus.  I kept hoping the number of people walking into the office to wait their turn would lessen because I didn't want to make anyone feel bad for me when I walked out crying.

For the first appointments, these group of doctors, well, the one doctor that is working with you for the day, sits down with you in their office, discusses the upcoming rest of the pregnancy, and then you get to go see your baby.  We sat in the office and because the doctor didn't have any problems and issues to discuss with us because I'm healthy and I had a great previous pregnancy, he kept asking us if we had questions.  We didn't.  I just wanted to get on to the next part.  Before he let us go to the next room, he asked if everything was okay.  I said I was scared because this pregnancy feels so much different than the previous and he reassured me that was normal.

We walked over to the next room, I laid down on the bed thing, was warned that the "gel warmers" weren't working so the gel was going to be really cold (and boy was it cold!) and then he began the ultrasound.  I held my breath as Mike, K, and Dr. Bean stared intensely at the screen.  It probably had only been 5 seconds but it felt like minutes.

"Why isn't anyone talking?" I thought to myself.  No one had any expressions or anything!

Finally Dr. Bean turned the monitor towards me and showed me the little heart beating away.  It was just a little gummy bear with a quickly beating heart.

My due date is currently May 4, 2012 which is my grandma's birthday - kinda fun!

I just entered week 11 and it's been interesting to see how different this pregnancy is than the first.  I'm exhausted, I feel nauseated (mostly in the late afternoons/evenings), and I'm 99% sure I'm going to throw up before bed (yet I never do).  I can't stand the smell of anything fried or sauteed or anything else made on the stove.  Our garbage always stinks, our house always smells funny, and the sight of K's plate at the end of the meal is the grossest thing I've seen all day, but yet I make it through most days just fine.  I tell people that I think it's because I don't have time to be lazy like I could be during the last one.  I have a million things to do each day so lying around just isn't an option.  I wish I had time, but I don't.  And that's okay with me.  I'd much prefer to be busy and not remember that I don't feel well than lying around, soaking in my misery.  Although, I wouldn't mind spending a weekend lying around on the couch, eating potato chips, and watching television shows.

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