Friday, September 16, 2011

week 7

I originally took this blog down for two reasons:  one, because I knew we would be getting pregnant soon and don't want everyone reading this again until we're ready to announce and two, because I reread the blog and I'm so negative and whiny and it's embarrassing to read.

Except now, being 7 weeks in and all of these remembrances from last pregnancy in full gear, I don't really care about how whiny I am ... because you know what?  I don't really like being pregnant.  And I'm whiny about it.

Christa keeps telling me how much she loves being pregnant and I decided today that Christa and I have very different pregnancies.  I just don't feel like we could have similar pregnancies and have completely different attitudes about it because in general (aka, when I'm not pregnant), I'm a pretty positive person.

Today I'm annoyed at food.  I'm so hungry for some foods, I crave them for weeks, and I finally get to eat them and it tastes so good.  But then I can't look at the food again until, if I remember correctly, the end of the first trimester.  Foods I've craved and can't bare to see the sight of them:  mac & cheese (homemade), bread, sandwiches, salad, and pizza.  Today I finally met my craving for sushi - I made and ate 2 1/2 California Rolls and I am positive that by the end of the day, I won't be able to look at or even think about sushi for about 5 more weeks.  Bummer.  I love sushi.

I also have been absolutely exhausted for a few weeks now.  It's pretty crazy.  About 11 am hits and I feel dead.  I usually make it for the next two hours to shower, make and eat lunch, and do a couple of things.  By 1:30 pm, I'm absolutely dead, just in time for K to wake up from her nap.  It's a long 4 hours until Mike is done with work and can help take care of her.  Luckily K is pretty self-entertaining nowadays and likes to push baskets, pretend to vacuum, read books, and play with my phone.  Actually, speaking of my phone, I downloaded this awesome app that is a Children's Songbook Sing-A-Long.  K gets to choose the song that plays by picture, and once it plays, she can change between four or five different pictures and it has the words with a little ball above it so you can follow along.  It's pretty cool.  And K loves it. 

Next Friday is my first doctor's appointment.  I'm pretty anxious.  I am excited to make sure this little babe is doing okay!

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