Thursday, September 8, 2011

week 6

Things with pregnancy are going well. I am not sick at all like I was with K. Last pregnancy, by this point, I felt nauseated almost all day. Mike would get home from work and there was a good chance that I had spent most of the day on the couch, trying to get some work done, but more than likely I had been dozing in and out of consciousness and had mostly been playing Mario Kart. But things seem to be different this time. I'm extremely exhausted - I wake up tired, I go to sleep tired - but the sickness is only occasional which is so nice! Some days I have cravings and aversions and other days are completely normal. I'm really liking this baby! K, on the other hand, is causing us quite a bit of trouble. Recently two teeth broke through her gums and that was not a happy time for her. And it's sort of odd, her teeth always come in pairs of two, except for her first one but the second one caught up just fine. But two nights ago, she was sick and woke up really sick yesterday morning. The day was okay except for I felt like I was sick too. I even asked Mike to come home early from work to help me out with K but by the time he arrived, K was asleep in her crib and I was zonked out on the bed. Last night, K couldn't sleep for more than two hours at a time. In fact, she's been sleeping for almost four hours now ... unfortunately, the hours for this long stretch is 5-9 am. I would have preferred something more like 12-4 am ... just so I could sleep better. Luckily I had RLS last night so when K woke up at 12 am, I was already wide awake and hung out with her for the next two hours. When she broke down and started screaming, Mike took over and got her to fall asleep within a few minutes. She woke back up at 3:30 am and Mike jumped out of bed before I even heard her. I felt bad that he was the one that was up with her when he had to work today, so I helped around 4 am. And by "helped," I mean I laid on her floor playing hangman on my phone. Once she fell asleep, however, Mike wanted a try at the game so he played a few rounds until we realized we were being silly and should go back to bed to get some sleep. We fell asleep at 5 am and 7 am came way too quickly. So in short, K isn't sleeping well. I'm not really sure what to do about it - I don't want this to become a habit that she wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks we're going to hang out with her until she screams herself back to sleep, but I also realize that she probably hasn't been feeling great. So I'm hoping this will stop soon because I'd really like to get some good sleep before this next baby comes. Although, it's probably a long shot seeing as I have to get up every 2-4 hours to use the bathroom and my RLS kicks in almost every single night.

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