Thursday, August 25, 2011

week 4 thoughts

The cool thing about the way pregnancy and weeks works is that by the time you usually find out you're pregnant, you're already about 4 weeks into pregnancy!  One local mom said that she missed the first 12 weeks of being pregnant with her first baby which I'm sure a lot of women out there wish they could miss - the tiredness, nausea, etc.  But missing the first 4 weeks is also a good thing too.  Well, at least the first 2 weeks.

So I'm about 4 weeks, probably a couple of days too, and I'm seriously the size of week 15 from last pregnancy.  I have quite the little pudge I've acquired.  We're not planning to tell people for a while, assuming that this little baby makes it, but the fact that I have a belly might give it away.

It's interesting because while pregnant, we think so much about taking care of the baby and hoping it makes it so you can see the baby, alive and well.  Well, at least most moms out there think this way.  But it's hard to be as worried once the baby actually makes it.  For example, my cousin's little girl had a stroke yesterday.  That wasn't even something I was worried about with K until today.  While pregnant, I was constantly worried that something might happen to her; it's interesting to me how that constant worry seems to slip away the older the children get.

I'm feeling pretty nauseated today.  Luckily I have shows to watch and a bath to take while K is napping.

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