Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Katers is exhausted today.  And so are Mike and I.  Why, you ask?  Because we didn't sleep much until 1:30 am.  And by "we," I really mean just Mike.  I stayed up with him until about midnight and didn't hear anything else until 7 am when K started waking up.

Swaddling went great yesterday and went really well last night for a few hours!  Then she woke up and was frustrated.  We took turns trying to calm her down but finally gave up around 1:30 and Mike swaddled her.  I faintly remember trying to act like I had been awake the whole time when he came in to tell me he was giving up but I was really mostly asleep.

Today swaddling didn't work.  She slept in her car seat a lot and when I tried to put her down for a nap, she wanted to play.  In fact, when she saw I was taking her to her crib, she laughed.  I left her alone and she played.  I went in to calm her down and she played.  Finally I ... yes ... climbed into her crib again (Mike suggested it!) to stop her from rolling and to hold her down so she'd stop playing with everything she could grab on to - it hurts my back to lean over the crib for extended periods of time.  Instead she made me frustrated by grabbing at my face, pulling my hair, and laughing at me when I tried to hold her hands down.  So I got out.

Then she cried.  So she didn't get a nap until she fell asleep in my arms after eating.  But not for long.

Tonight I went to Enrichment Night, a women's church activity.  I said I'd help and my nice neighbor said I should go so I did.  I didn't want to leave though because I was worried Mike would let her cry the entire time I was gone.  And when I walked in the door, do you know what I heard?  Silence.  She wasn't crying!  She was asleep in her crib with her arms out.  Really, it's a good thing I didn't stay home.  I would've gotten frustrated that she was crying and not sleeping and could've ruined everything.  Mike's such a great dad for Katers.

And right now she's dead asleep on her belly.  Actually, it sort of looks like she passed out from shear exhaustion.  It's really cute.

I'm just hoping she is able to stay asleep tonight.  Otherwise, Mike is going to have another tough night.

And I'm going to have a tough time pretending like I was awake the whole time he was up with Katers ... I mean, I don't want him to feel like he's alone in this effort ... even though in the middle of the night, he really is.

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