Monday, February 28, 2011

Last night was like having a newborn all over again.  We didn't get much sleep because K was upset that she kept coming out of her swaddle.  So today was the day - she no longer is going to be swaddled.  It's much more worth it to not sleep to train her to sleep unswaddled than to keep getting up to swaddle her.

She took two naps today like a champ.  I had to hold her hands until she started drifting off to sleep so she wouldn't get distracted by them but once she started drifting and I let go, she did really well. 

Today was the first day (Mike's was yesterday) I heard her actually say real words - "ma" and "meh."  Okay, "meh" isn't really a word she'd use often but I'm excited for her to start babbling instead of just cooing.  But I do like the coos.  Unfortunately she only said her words while she was upset ... it's still progress though.

What I think is so amazing about this photo is that she's actually on her hands and knees.  She's progressing so quickly to crawling, it's amazing!  Last month I never even had to worry about her rolling around and now she's getting on her hands and knees and rocking.  She's also going from a sitting position to on her belly these days.  

She's getting so mobile that it still surprises me. I'll leave her one place, look away, look back, and she's gone!  She goes from sitting there and then she's rolled across the room when I see her next.  It's so crazy!  I always thought I wanted her to start being mobile quickly but now that it's happening, it's a little worrisome ... especially today when I left her by the couch and then a few seconds later, I found her a few feet away tugging on all the cords in our living room.

By the way, she fell asleep tonight all by herself.  I know it's way too soon to get excited but sometimes it's just the small things, right?

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