Saturday, January 29, 2011

We've officially been doing cloth diapers for over a week now.  Every now and then we still have to use disposables because she will occasionally go through lots of diapers in one day or I just can't stay on top of laundry since we don't have all of the diapers we've ordered yet but I don't enjoy using disposables anymore.  It's crazy how fast it's happened.  Sometimes when I am deciding between CD (cloth diapers) and disposables to use on Cutie, I think, "...but disposables are just too easy," I guess meaning they're easy to use but they come with a bunch of other consequences.  Plus I love knowing that something really soft is on her little bum.

Another fabulous thing about CDs are that her would-be blowouts are a lot more contained.  I love that.  All the cloth just soaks everything up and the awesome stretchy bands that line the diapers keep everything inside.

Unfortunately, I've had two leaks in the past 24 hours but it was because I was just too careless about them.  Plus it's tough when she's screaming because she doesn't want to be lying down.  It's really hard to put a diaper on her when she's trying to roll away.

She has an ear infection (did I mention that?) and hates when I lie her down for anything.  I'm sure the upstairs neighbors just think I'm an awful parent for letting her cry all the time - I'm just not sure what else to do other than let her cry since nothing comforts her.  But she seems to be doing much better and is becoming much more her normal self.

When she weighed in at the doctor's a couple days ago, she weighed 14 lbs 1 oz, although, I think her CD had a little something to do with her weight.  I would say she was a couple ounces less.  But she's growing well and I'm so glad!

Also, a funny story about the doctor's - usually when she goes to the doctor's, she gets poked and gets shots. Obviously not fun.  I'm not sure if it was just because K was so tired and hungry or if it was really because she knows what happens when the nurses get near her, but every time she saw the nurse, she would cry.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I had never seen her do something like that before.  The nurse ended up leaving the room while Mike distracted her and then the nurse tried to sneak back in.  But our little bug notices everything and immediately started crying when the nurse was trying to sneak around her.  Ha ha.  She's so silly.

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