Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Milestones are a tough thing for me.  They always made me feel really good about where K was in her development until they said that she should be getting lots of tummy time and extending her arms.  K has always hated being on her tummy unless she's looking in a mirror - actually, everything seems to get better when she's looking in a mirror.  When she suddenly wasn't following the milestones for being on her tummy, I stopped looking at them.  I decided when she was ready, she would lay on her tummy without immediately flipping out.

Apparently she was finally ready last week.  I seriously went a month without hardly ever putting her on her belly.  I helped her practice sitting and going from sitting to standing since that's what she seemed to be interested in - and she has mastered the whole sitting thing.  She does so well.  But I felt bad continually putting her on her tummy if it just made her go from being fine to screaming in 3 seconds flat.

Last week Mike said he wanted to do tummy time with her so I gave him my best wishes and let him have at it.  Turns out, she loved tummy time.  She squirmed all over the place and had fun reaching for all her toys.  Now I lay her on her back and she'll roll onto her tummy within the first few minutes.  She just loves it. 

Unfortunately, she still hasn't mastered getting from her back to her tummy but I'm sure she'll get it soon.  I've been helping her roll across the bed and she loves it so she'll probably pick up on the fact that she can do it without me around soon.  So fun!

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  1. So funny that you posted about this! I was looking at the pictures of Katie on her tummy and thinking "man, Harper doesn't really like tummy time like K does . . . " and then, within 24 hours you posted this! I totally agree about the milestone thing. I love reading about the ones Harper is reaching, but I have also stopped keeping up with the weekly info on babycenter.com! Anyway, glad she's liking tummy time more. I'm sure Harper will get there someday.