Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warning:  this is not a humble post.  :)

Unfortunately we had a nice big leak from Cutie's diaper today - I'm sure it's all about how I put her diapers on, oops.  Despite the leak, I'm advocating for cloth diapers ... still.

There is one brand, SunBaby, which I have heard is a pretty decent diaper and they are so cheap!  Unless my Kawaii's end up being awful (they come this week!), I probably won't try them since they're sold in multiples (and we now have so many different diapers it's getting ridiculous) but here's one amazing fact - you could buy all of the diapers you would need from birth to potty training and only spend a maximum of $161.00 + shipping.  That gives you 30 diapers and 60 inserts ... more than enough.  Or an option that sounds good to me is 24 diapers and 24 inserts for only $108.00.  Or, you can get Kawaiis for $80.50 (free shipping) which is 12 diapers and 24 inserts.  For the first 6 months of K's life, we were buying 258 diapers for about $30 every 3-4 weeks.  That means, had I bought the SunBaby diapers in the beginning, I would've actually saved money the first 6 months.  But then again, I don't think one size diapers fit her very well right now so I probably wouldn't have put them on her from birth ...

Enough about my addiction to researching CDs.

Today, the bug was yet again a hit at church ... and boy did she look cute!  She had on a cute little black skirt (it was $5 from Little 77!), a white onsie with her little pink cardigan ($7 from Little 77!).  Plus she had wild hair since she took a bath right before church and then sat in her car seat.  I tried to get her to wear her little black shoes but ever since I let her hold them at the store and she chewed on them, I think she thinks they're a toy so she won't allow them on her feet.  Oops.  But I intentionally dressed us the same today except for our pink and black clothings were switched.  One person noticed and told me and that made me really happy.

Everyone always tells me that Katers is a little mini-me.  I would say 50% of everyone who says we look the same uses that exact term, mini-me.  And I've finally decided to take it as a compliment because she is super cute (I just can't be humble about it) and I would be happy to hear that I look even just a little bit like her.  However, I don't think I look like her.  She's just so cute!

But for the second day in a row, she fell asleep in my arms for a nap!  This probably isn't amazing to anyone else out there but little Katers does not fall asleep easily anywhere but in her crib and a moving car seat.  I walked home from church with her all wrapped up in my arms in a blanket and she fell asleep just before we got home - and as you might know, it's not even a long walk from church to home!  I absolutely love holding a sleeping babe.

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