Monday, January 10, 2011

This morning I was getting some rice cereal ready for K.  She was in her little seat at the table and I was at the counter getting it ready.  I took a small bite to see if it tasted as not soft as it looked and as I was taking the spoon out of my mouth, I looked over at K.  Her eyes were huge, her mouth was dropped open, and I can just imagine that she would have liked to have said, "Mom!  You're eating my food?!"  It was pretty funny.  She's a pretty funny girl.

On the sadder side, she is still crying.  She is not happy with me at all that I put her down for naps and bedtime without her pacifier these days.  Trust me, I'm not happy about it either.  She just doesn't really need it - she just thinks she does.  Ugh.  It's times like these I wish we had never started her on a pacifier.  Some say that it takes upwards of two weeks for them to stop crying once the pacifier's been taken away.  I really hope it's sooner than later.  It's only been four days and it's killing me!

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