Saturday, January 22, 2011

It is almost midnight and is 3 hours past my bedtime.  But the reason I'm not tired, I think, is due to the fact that I slept for over 10 hours last night - that's just what happens when you go to bed a couple hours after the kiddo goes to bed, I guess, well, and going back to bed after the babe's first morning meal.

But today was the first day of cloth diapers.  It was a stressful morning.  She was on her 3rd cloth after just an hour of starting - it was making me wonder if all this hassle of trying to save money was even worth it if she just keeps soiling the few precious cloth diapers I currently have.  But the rest of the day went much more smoothly.

I just wrote a whole entire novel to Kristin about cloth diapering so I don't feel like writing about it right now but let me just say, it seems pretty worth it.  Disposable diapers are costing us about $0.22 each which gets pretty pricey, especially when you've got a kiddo who goes 3 times in one hour.  Last night Mike and I went over the cost we could spend starting now until she's potentially potty trained.  Our total was $1800 and on most websites I am seeing quotes of over $2000 for the entire span of one child's diapering which seems about right since Mike and I were guessing we were spending about $50/month on diapers on average.  Unfortunately, the cost only increases for diapers as they get bigger.

Since I don't know much about diapers and these cloth diapers are different for everyone, I've purchased many brands and so we'll be trying out a lot of them.  With all this "trying out," our total thus far is about $270.  But keep in mind, once we have all of our things, we are going to have 31 diapers (plus a few extras) that are going to last us and will probably be able to be used on our next child.  This is a one-time cost, people!  And I love it!  No more going to Costco every 3 weeks to get more diapers.  No more filling up the landfills with these things that hate to decompose.  No more uncomfortable, scratchy diapers for the Babers.

I never thought I'd be one of these moms - one who makes all of her own baby food and uses cloth diapers - but with each passing day, I am loving this whole new me more and more.  And I love saving money!

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  1. Holy smokes! $50 a month on diapers! I would go out and buy cloth diapers right away too. That's a lot.