Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Wednesday, K reached out for the wii wheel that Mike was holding.  With great precision, she looked at it, put her arms out, and grabbed it.  It was amazing. 

A few days ago, K began to sit up on our laps on her own without us holding onto her.  Although, we still had our hands ready to catch her when she got too excited and would throw herself back.  That was amazing.

Well, today she mastered something that is most amazing - she can sit on our laps and catch herself before she falls forwards, backwards, or to the side.  I don't know how she suddenly learned this skill, but she did, and it's amazing.

She loves practicing sitting and standing when she's awake.  It's so funny to watch people try to hold her sometimes.  If they don't know her well or haven't watched me interact with her, she'll cry because she likes to practice her new-found skills instead of being held.  She'll let me hold her when she's sad or when she's really tired, but other than that, she likes to be learning. 

She also loves airplane rides.  I don't think most things make her as happy as airplane rides.  Except for first thing in the morning when she's getting her first burping of the day.  We're always in her room and there's a picture Mike and I made back when we first started dating.  We tell her all the time that we'll add her little hands to the picture when she gets a little older.  Well, the first smiles of the day go to this picture.  She'll look for it on her wall and once she finds it (now she knows exactly where to look), she'll just smile away.  It's so cute but I really wish it was me she was smiling at sometimes.

top middle picture
these are each separate pictures that my previous roommates and I made

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