Friday, November 5, 2010

I endured 75 straight minutes of crying yesterday.  K is not one that cries much - only if she's hungry, tired, or you're really getting on her nerves because she wants to be doing something else.  I get that last cry a lot.  She spends hours training me everyday so I know what she wants.  But those cries don't last long at all.

But yesterday she got her 4-month shots.  I thought she wasn't going to cry but 4 hours after getting them, she let me and all of our neighbors know that she didn't enjoy her shots.  I finally got her to go to sleep right before Mike got home and I had to leave as soon as he got home.  

I got home 75 minutes later and I guess she slept the entire time because Christa was over helping Mike with math and when I walked in the door, Christa looked worried and matter-of-factly said, "You guys have a kid. ... Where is your child?!"  So funny.  She thought I had K but didn't see me walk in with her, but K was just sleeping the evening away soundly in her crib.

K's doing much better today though.  Just like the last time she got shots, she cries the day of shots but the next day she's fine.  She's such our good cutie.

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