Saturday, November 6, 2010

For those who don't read my family blog, I'm posting the same stories here ... so if you've read the family blog, I'd just skip this post, unless you love these stories that much.

Mike and I don't argue much.  When we do, it's usually about the most menial things that usually end up in us laughing because once again, we're debating whether chickens are white or off white, or whether our home-cooked meal cost us $1 or $2 ...  Anyway, K's not used to arguing that involves voices above a normal decibel level.

Well yesterday at a staff meeting, everyone got pretty riled up about what we were going to do for a talent show.  In the height of the arguing about which act would be best (it was actual arguing with a couple of strong opinions and really loud talking ... and almost everyone talking at once), K burst out in screaming.  It definitely quieted everyone down and I had to tell everyone that K doesn't like arguing.  She's very good at getting people to stop arguing.

Another funny thing about K is that she really likes to be praised for her sitting up and standing.  She loves when she does because Mike and I will just go crazy about how well she's doing and what a big girl she is.  She eats it all up.  Well, today we were at Christa's baby shower and were sitting next to my coworker Emily.  K stood up on my lap and looked over at Emily.  K just stared at her and would not look away.  I ended up telling Emily that she really likes praise when she stands up so Emily told her she was doing a good job and K busted out her biggest smile. She's such a funny girl.  And I'm lucky to have friends who are willing to support our obsessive habits of praising our little girl!

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  1. I hope she still doesn't like arguing when she gets older. It's a terrible thing, which I must admit that I sometimes enjoy. Well, actually I don't like arguing. I like debating. I don't think Camron sees the difference...haha probably most people don't.