Tuesday, July 6, 2010

week 40 day 3

It's crazy how a simple thing like sitting has become so much more painful in just the last week. Driving in the car is one of the things I hate the most. Sitting in the passenger seat is okay because I can squirm and try to find a comfortable position that doesn't put too much pressure on my back but when I'm driving, it's absolutely miserable. Maybe I cause my own contractions by becoming stressed every time I have to drive since I know how much it will hurt, but contractions hurt a lot while driving. Actually, contractions hurt a lot while just sitting.

Contractions have also started making me feel pretty nauseated throughout the entire day this past week. I no longer just feel sick in the middle of the night - it can happen at any time now days.

I'm excited to get rid of this extra little weight in front. First of all, because that means that she'll actually be out here with us and second, because I'm only about 5 feet tall. Reaching things is already hard for me. But then I have this big belly and it only stops me from getting close to the counter to reach the upper cabinets or even just to reach the faucet. She's just always kind of in the way. I'm just so excited for her to be here and to have less weight on my belly.


  1. I didn't like driving either. Riding in the car was ok, but driving was not fun.

  2. Yay, you're having your baby RIGHT NOW...well, maybe you already had her, but either way, That's exciting.