Monday, July 5, 2010

week 40 day 2

Nope, no baby yet.

I was just using a little bit of cleaner in the bathroom and it reminded me of a few nights ago when we were with my sister-in-law, Christie. Cleaning products are okay for pregnant women to use, as long as it's in a well-ventilated area - so pregnant women should basically just avoid enclosed rooms and ovens. Anyway, Mike was explaining how inhaling too many fumes can be dangerous to fetuses (and anyone else) and Christie said, "Oh, I always cleaned when I was pregnant." We then all looked at her kids running wild around the house and she said, "Oh, well, maybe they're just a little loopy."

Ha. Her kids are actually great and I expect our kids to have just as much and possibly more energy than her kids. I'm excited to see what happens because there's a lot of people who think our kids may be pretty calm but if they are anything like Mike, we're going to have to keep a close eye on them or else we'll have little monkeys running wild!

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  1. No baby yet :( That's ok, the anticipation will make it even more awesome when she does come!