Monday, June 21, 2010

week 38 day 2

It's still crazy to me that I'm at week 38. Where has pregnancy gone? I mean, really. I feel like the first 7 months or so went by so slowly but I really wish I would've taken more time to relax and not be so anxious to get to this point. Plus the time probably would've gone by faster if I hadn't been so anxious. May flew by just like I expected it to because of planning an event for work, moving, and Hawaii ... and then trying to recover from all of those things.

This morning Mike got up to get ready for work and I was determined to just stay in bed until he was ready to eat breakfast. We stayed up late talking and then I had woken up several times during the night feeling really sick to my stomach only to realize after I had more consciousness that it was just contractions - so I was really tired. But as soon as Mike got up and left the room, I received a huge kick right into my ribs. And the oddest part was that she just kept going. I finally was able to push her little leg down a little bit away from my ribs. I thought that they were supposed to kick quite a bit up until about week 30-32. Then they start getting so big that they are running out of room so they can't kick as well but they can still move quite a bit. Apparently Katie believes that she can still kick me pretty good and she definitely proves it.

With all of these contractions and pressure and such, I keep feeling like she really could come any day now but maybe she'll wait until the induction date. I just don't understand how my body is still handling her - my back aches, my muscles around my uterus ache, my feet and hands are swollen, and she seems to continue growing but I don't. Plus with the contractions, I can just imagine poor Katie every time they occur as she gets squished even more into her cramped living space.

Mike and I have been trying to guess when we think she'll come. My dates are (I get three options because ... well, I just do) June 26, July 6, and July 12. Mike's guess is July 6. We'll put a little survey gadget thing on our blog so the three of you who read this can also make a guess because who doesn't like guessing and even better, guessing correctly?

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