Saturday, June 19, 2010

week 37 day 7

Today was a good day. I woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday (about 9 am) and finally decided to get up. I had a lot of things to do today and definitely not enough time to get it all done (and some ended up not getting done). But around 10:30 this morning I checked my phone to see if it was charged yet and I got an even better surprise - my friend, Kristin who was due 5 days before me had her baby last night!!!

So I spent the next half hour pacing back and forth around the apartment, not being able to focus on anything, and telling Mike about every 5 minutes that Kristin and Chad had their baby! I was so excited for them but so nervous for myself. This morning, being pregnant got a lot more real.

And it was interesting to talk to Kristin about a few of the things leading up to the birth of her little one and comparing and contrasting how different our pregnancies are. As we walked away from the hospital, I was amazed at how many differences there are between me and Kristin. One, for example, is that I have been having pretty consistent contractions for the past couple of weeks, whereas Kristin hardly had any before she went to the hospital.

So it just comes to show that babies are born when they're supposed to be born - a hike to the top of the mountain, eating a plate full of spicy foods, and drinking castor oil doesn't make the baby come out - they all just happen to be correlations ... although castor oil seems to be a pretty popular one and seems to work for a lot of girls but it's not something I would ever want to do. The results seem way too miserable.

A few of my friends from back home got together and we had a little baby shower. It was so nice to be with them and they were so nice to give little Katie the things they did. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll have to post a picture later!

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