Friday, June 18, 2010

week 37 day 6

If you've ever talked to Mike about the birth of a baby, you've probably already heard about this before but I've been thinking about it a lot lately, mostly because the baby is moving quite a bit and for the first time, Mike felt her little foot trying to protrude out of my side this morning ... it's just getting so real every day.

Anyway, when I baby is born, it is suddenly introduced to a whole new environment and it must be scary - I'd be crying too. All of the sudden, the baby needs to breathe air, not fluid. Not only that, but the baby is not squished and comfortable anymore. The baby has to adjust to bright lights, loud noises, and people touching her skin ... I'm surprised there aren't more autistic children with these kinds of changes. It seems like a lot to adjust to.

Remember how last night I wrote this post about staying active, etc, etc? Well, this morning I woke up so sore from playing frisbee last night. Within 30 minutes I felt completely fine again but I just thought it was so ironic how I went on and on about staying active and how important it is and I felt like I had done that, but obviously I had not. I apparently need to be a little more active to not be sore.

Today I said goodbye to my club kids - I'll see them again in about a month but it felt really weird and strange. A couple months ago when I was talking about this week and next week (we have a big conference for work), I just didn't think these days were actually ever going to come and now they're here.

Katie likes to push against my right side. I find it weird that she doesn't ever turn herself so that her little legs push against my left side too, but maybe it's not as easy to turn around as I think it might be. But I feel like my poor right side is going to be all stretched out after she's born so I'll have extra skin on that side. It's unlikely, but I'm pretty excited to find out.

And with every day that passes, my nesting instinct becomes more and more obsessive. I've been joking by saying that before she gets here, it's going to run my life, but now I'm afraid it's not a joke anymore. I'm obsessed!

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