Tuesday, May 25, 2010

week 34 day 3

I think I've figured it out. By about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, my body is so tired of holding up the extra weight on my belly that my back screams that it's hurting and just above my belly burns in pain. A few days ago I was hoping it was just a temporary thing but I'm pretty sure now that it is going to be something that I get to deal with for the next 6 weeks.

I'm quite the organizer and because of this, I like to go through our finances quite often and check to see how we're doing for a house and for Katie. I was going through the baby registry list to see what else we really need for the baby and wow, there's quite a few things that are still left. I'm just looking at this box of clothes that we have for her and I'm glad she won't be naked but I really wish I could take some of the clothes back that I bought for her (I already washed them so I could store them) and buy other things she might actually need like diapers, bottles, toys to keep her entertained and to work on her strength, a crib, mattress, changing pad, a car seat ... yeah, I'm pretty sure she doesn't need a new outfit for every day of the month for any of these things. But, one thing is for sure, this girl is going to have a lot of clothes.


  1. That's what baby showers are for!

  2. My cousin had pain above her stomach during her pregnancy so she asked her dr if it was normal, she told her of course it was perfectly normal, it's just your muscles tearing as your baby grows....that made her feel much better:)