Sunday, May 23, 2010

week 34 day 1

We are now down to 6 weeks until the due date!

The past few days have been painful but thanks to Kristin, last night and tonight I was able to use a rice pack to help relieve some pain. So thank you, Kristin!

Today the ward choir director was looking for a pianist for the 4th of July and asked me if I would be willing to play. I said yes but that I'm due the day before so I don't want to leave her without a pianist that day. Not only did that give me a good clue as to what my new calling is going to be, but it also made me realize how close our due date is.

Mike's so excited and I'm getting pretty nervous. I'm mostly taking this one step at a time so right now I feel slightly stressed about not actually having a car seat or a crib. I'm still counting on her coming on July 6th but there's always a slight possibility she'll come before July 3rd, our actual due date.


  1. You are sooo very welcome. I'm so happy it's helping a little bit!!

  2. eeek, it's so soon. I'm excited for you guys. I take it from this post you didn't end up getting the car seat this weekend. Good luck finding a set!