Thursday, May 27, 2010

week 34 day 5

Tonight we almost bought a travel system ... we were so close. And then we looked at the one next to the one we were going to buy and spent the next 30 minutes explaining its pros and cons to each other. So we came home, looked it up, and decided to go with our first choice.

Mike decided that other than clothes and toys, the baby really, really needs a car seat. We're going to be pretty embarrassed if we have to call someone up to see if we can borrow their car seat so we can take our baby home from the hospital.

I noticed this morning that my belly was looking a lot less round and perky and a lot more oval-ish and droopy. Mike noticed this evening and so we have strong beliefs that the baby has dropped! I did notice today as I was moving around (for 8 hours!) that I could breathe better although the pain kind of overruled it and I mostly thought about the pain I had but am definitely grateful to be getting a little more air to my lungs.

The drop, however, has increased my muscle pain seeing as it's pulling my muscles down towards the ground. It sits at the very top of my bump and I cry daily because of the pain. Heat still helps but is only a temporary reliever.

One lady gave me a small pep talk today. After listening to her, I completely believed that the baby would come a little early and that I would soon be done with this pain. But after a little while, I realized that she was just a good motivational speaker and let's face it, there's at least 5 1/2 more weeks of this.

I'm pretty sure night time is my favorite time of the day. I finally get to lay down, take the weight of my belly off of myself and put it on the couch, and I get to relax. It seems like everyday there is just so much going on that by the time night comes, I am just so grateful I made it through another day. I wish I could say that weekends are great because I get to relax, but they're actually a lot more busy and stressful than my weekdays. I'm looking forward to the days after Katie gets here when I just sit at home, exhausted, and don't have to walk and drive around Spanish Fork, getting lost and when I don't have to do anything else work related if I don't want to. Instead, I plan to spend many hours each day watching "House Hunters" and "Mythbusters."

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