Wednesday, March 24, 2010

week 25 day 4

I'm currently drinking my drink for my glucose tolerance test.  Everyone has warned me that it's not good and it's highly concentrated so I've been dreading it for exactly 4 weeks now.  But boy, were they wrong.  It is fantastic!  I love concentrated drinks with strong flavors and this is perfect.  I would definitely do this again in a heartbeat.

By the way, it's been exactly 4 weeks now since we found out we're having a girl!  It seems like it was a long, long time ago but it's only been a month.  We're still really excited for her to come and I find Mike staring and smiling at all the little girls at church - not in a creepy way but in a I'm-so-excited-to-have-a-little-girl way.  I always lean over and ask him if he's excited, especially after they start screaming, and he always gives me a huge smile, gives me a hug, and says "yes!"

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  1. That's so stinkin cute! Kim, I think it's time for another belly picture. Especially since you were talking about how your look more like your preggers now.