Tuesday, March 23, 2010

week 25 day 3

After reading Sam's comment to the last post, I realize that I made a weird remark.  Just to clear the record, as far as I know, Asian's belly buttons look the same as everyone else's.  However, mine looks like Asian eyes because it's all squished.

I've been extremely exhausted lately, much more than I've ever felt before.  If I could, I'd take 20 hours out of my day to nap but it's just not feasible.  I'm just not a cat.  Work, driving Mike to and from places, driving other people around, and going to Spanish Fork a few times a week for work just takes too much of my day.  I'm so impressed with those ladies who work full time jobs while being pregnant.  I'm at 35 hours each week but I have the luxury of spreading my work out throughout the day.

My increased weight is really starting to effect my body these days.  My back hurts after standing for too long and is causing me to really hunch over.  I've now gained about 18 pounds.  I always find it slightly amusing how out of breath I am after walking from the car to the front door or up a flight of stairs.  I have about 10 more pounds to gain which definitely doesn't sound as bad as 30 pounds did 20 weeks ago.

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  1. hehe, I'm glad that your belly button isn't crazy weird or something. So, the comment I made on the post before had the word verification : bresty. haha, how ironic that it was bresty and this is a pregnancy blog. I thought it was awesome.