Monday, March 22, 2010

week 25 day 2

Sunday was mostly a good day but the best part was the little baby.  I feel like she's grown a lot in the past couple of days.  I now feel like I am growing a big living thing inside me as I am able to feel her much more now.  I can feel parts of her resting against my belly and I can feel every push and shove she gives to me ... especially the ones on my bladder.

With this increase in growth has come more pain.  The pain has spread horizontally across my rib cage.  After just a few minutes of sitting, my insides begin to burn and I feel quite a bit of pain.  Rubbing seems to be the best way to relieve pain for a short period of time before it comes back full force.

I have quite tired limbs as well.  They seem to fall asleep all too often.  Sitting on the floor is the worst though.  Guaranteed, my legs will start tingling within a couple of minutes of sitting.  Sometimes I'll sit for a while, stand up, start walking, and then one of my legs will fall asleep.  It's quite embarrassing to have to drag my leg behind me as I try to get to a wall or out of people's way so I can try to wake my leg up. 

I've also been waiting for the outie belly button.  No sign of one yet - I just have a very Asian-looking belly button.

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  1. Do Asains have different looking belly buttons? haha. I'm so excited for you guys. Only 15 more weeks!