Friday, March 19, 2010

week 24 day 6

I'm actually able to feel the baby moving and turning and twisting now.  So fun!

People are actually recognizing I'm pregnant now just by looking.  Actually, it's kind of embarrassing because I'll pass people or someone will hold the door open for me and just stare at m belly.  Is that not weird?  I also sat in on Mike's class today and as I had to crawl over a few of his group members to get out of the row, they all stared and asked Mike if I was pregnant.  But it's definitely a good thing that people can tell that I'm pregnant.

My poor little insides are burning ... well, the one section of my abdomen that burns normally now.  And it's obnoxious.  I'm just glad to know that it's nothing serious. 

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  1. I felt so weird when I got to the point that when people would talk to me, they would only stare at my stomach and not at my face. Definitely a strange feeling.