Sunday, February 21, 2010

week 21 day 1

The countdown begins ... 3 more days until we find out the gender!  I didn't think this week would ever get here but it finally has. 

Last night, Mike and I stayed up way too late and woke up just in time for my visiting teachers to come over at 11:30 am.  I'm exhausted and not feeling great and Mike took Benadryl right before going to church.  I told him to just stay home and sleep but he thought he could make it through all of church.  He couldn't.  Neither could I.

But as I laid down to sleep, the baby started kicking.  I've been worried the past couple days because I haven't felt it much but I think it's because I've had a lot of places to be and a lot of things to do.  I can't sleep when it's kicking.  I'm hoping that I'll adjust and be able to start sleeping while it's kicking but it's hard for me and the baby is only getting bigger which means stronger kicks, I'm guessing.  I'm not quite there yet.

I was reading a couple of blogs yesterday from girls who have had babies and they mentioned their bodies before becoming pregnant which made me a lot more aware of mine.  A huge regret I currently have is not enjoying my body before getting pregnant.  In my defense, I didn't think we were getting pregnant so soon but I didn't fully love my body as much as I should have.  I would love to be able to fit into all of these shirts that are in my closet but I can't.  I would love to be able to go running and play tennis without the fear of hurting the baby or falling while playing tennis but I can't yet.  And who knows if my body will ever get back to where it was before this day.  I'm grateful to be blessed with a little baby but I'm having another one of those regrets again.  I just wished I would have enjoyed where my body was 6 months ago.

And so, for those who are reading and are not currently pregnant, enjoy your life right now.  Look down at your belly and love it.  Look at your face and love your clear complexion.  Love your life as it is right now and take full advantage of it.  I wish I had done more of that 6 months ago but I didn't.  I'll admit I was one who was looking forward to how I was going to look after a few months of intense working out and things didn't work out as I had hoped.

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