Wednesday, February 17, 2010

week 20 day 4

Last night, a book I was reading mentioned "nesting."  Nesting is a term used with pregnant mothers who tend to clean and organize in preparation for the baby.  And so as I was reading, I realized what is happening in my life ... nesting.

The office is a mess.  I have taken out all of my work things to reorganize them.  When I took over for the last lady, Shauna, I was given many, many binders and boxes full of all sorts of random papers and booklets.  Thus, I'm going through all of them and cleaning out all of the stuff.

The kitchen closet is now even more of a mess as well.  I bought this basket thing to put under the sink to store all of our cleaning supplies but when I got home, it didn't fit.  So I have now begun to take everything out of the closet and try to see what will fit into the basket ... the answer?  Nothing.  Nothing will fit that is useful to this closet.  Bummer.


  1. Oh dear, what does this mean when I am pregnant? I already "nest"....especially when I want to procrastinate studying.

  2. Ha, it's true, Danielle. Maybe you'll have to start cleaning someone else's house when you're pregnant. Yours is already too spotless.