Tuesday, February 2, 2010

week 18 day 3 part 2

So our doctor's appointment is completed.  We arrived 5 minutes early, waited just long enough for me to be able to get my work stuff out (about 2 minutes) until I was called back to have my blood pressure taken and a weight check.

The stats?  BP: 102/56.  My normal is around 110/70.  Last time it was at 100/60.  These low BP numbers are probably the reason why I stand up and I'm dizzy, light headed, and let myself crash into a wall to get my blood back circulating again. By the way, the normal BP is 120/80.

Weight:  A gainage (I know, it's not a word) of 13 pounds since this all started back 18 weeks ago.  That's with clothes and my jacket though.  I didn't really feel like taking my jacket off.  I was cold. I had also just eaten a yummy lunch.  Last night I was only 8 pounds gainage when I weighed myself with light clothing.

The baby?  Its little heart is beating strong.  It's just such a different experience from the first time we went in to the doctor.  The first time he searched and searched for a heart beat and found nothing.  This time, as soon as the doctor put the little doppler thing on my belly, we could hear the heart beat.  Well, he said that it was either a heart beat or a washing machine.  It's tough to tell sometimes.

Gender?  Not yet.  Few more weeks.  I was hoping for just a couple (2 ... or less) but the doctors didn't have any time for 3 more weeks.  Boo.

How long were we at the doctor's office?  25 minutes.  That was with Mike wanting to continue to use his computer after the appointment and with me asking the doctor, "What if I crave sugar?"  He just stared at me ... probably similar to when Mike tells me he's eating another candy bar.  It felt like minutes but was probably only 5 seconds or so.  He told me it's not healthy but there's nothing wrong with it.  Thank goodness because I have craved sugar more than cheese lately.  Maybe I'm just not eating enough.  In fact, I think I'll go make dinner.

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