Tuesday, February 2, 2010

week 18 day 3

Yesterday I bought the most amazing thing ever.  It's the band that goes around your waist to hold up your pants so you don't have to button them.  I finally gave in yesterday and bought one.  After a few weeks of loosening my belt to the very last hole, needing to change out of my jeans immediately after arriving back at home, pulling up my pants every few minutes because my belly is pushing them down, and the very uncomfortable feeling of my pants pushing on my belly, I did it.  I went to Target and bought one.  It's a cheaper option than buying new pants.  And I love it.  It is so comfortable.  I forgot that wearing jeans can actually be a comfortable thing. 

I would say my most favorite part is how it can either fold down into half to just cover the top of my pants and rests just below my belly button and if I unfold it, it will completely cover my belly.  Let's just say that my spandex and this belly band unfolded combo make an amazing outfit.

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