Tuesday, December 8, 2009

week 10 day 3

Today we went to the doctor's to hear the baby's heart. I've been nervous about it since yesterday - probably earlier if I had let myself but my body (and acne) can only take so much stress. After the usual long wait, we were finally able to see the doctor. His voice was gone which reminded me of some of my first encounters with Mike.

Unfortunately for me, every winter (except for this one) I get sick around September or October and I don't get better until around May. When I met Mike, I was sick and for the first time in many years, I had lost my voice. I've always wanted to lose it for several days but I had never had the chance until that year. By the time I met Mike, I was frustrated because it had been days and I couldn't talk louder than a strained whisper. Mike wasted no time to make fun of me and my voice. He was also the one to tell others in my presence that they didn't need to whisper just because I was.

Well today, I whispered back to my doctor and Mike reminded me that I didn't need to whisper. It was hard not to.

The doctor got out the little sound thing that they use and put it onto my belly. Immediately we heard the thud of the heart beat of the little one. He compared it to my heart beat and let us listen to the little one a little bit more.

And I walked out of the office completely surprised and astounded. Having not had a good experience the last time we were in, this definitely made up for it. I still just can't believe that I have a little one growing inside me. I think, especially since Mike and I didn't plan this, it's even more amazing to me. And since all of my symptoms have gone away except for fatigue, it was nice to know that the little one was doing just fine inside me ... especially after Mike and I were wrestling 2 nights ago, yes, actually wrestling, and I lost my balance and slammed onto the floor. We were worried that we may have just hurt it but now we know that our wrestling match probably just gave him a good jolt, just like the rest of my organs.

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