Wednesday, November 18, 2009

week 7 day 4

I got to spend some time with my dear friend, Kristin today. It was nice. It was a nice break from coworkers, kids at club, and the people I see almost everyday. But the best part was that Kristin and her husband, Chad, moved in to a house recently. Well, that's not the best part ... but they have so much space and so many rooms ... I can't wait to have that too. Well, I hope at some point Mike and I can have that. I'd love to have a room just for the baby.

The visit with Kristin reminded me of my horrible dreams I have every night. I have always been a pretty realistic dreamer. I dream about people I know and situations that could actually happen in real life. But not lately. I dream of shootings and of me doing something to kill the baby. It's very dramatic and scary. I am excited to not be pregnant anymore to end these crazy dreams. I don't know the people in them and someone always dies in them. Maybe I should stop reading the news.

I gained another pound which is a good thing. I haven't been eating well because of the whole food aversion thing. If I felt good about it, my diet would consist of crackers, bread, bagels, and potatoes. But I know that I should be eating well-balanced foods so sometimes I throw a cube of cream cheese into the mix with a side of orange juice. And of course, the prenatal pill. Thank goodness for that or I definitely wouldn't be getting the nutrients I need!

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