Monday, November 16, 2009

week 7 day 2

I can't wait until second trimester. First, I finally get to tell all of you what Mike and I know. Second, these horrible food aversions will hopefully go away. Last night I was really hungry but unfortunately at FHE, there was no pizza or cream cheese and crackers so all I ate was mashed potatoes ... the same thing I had had for lunch and the night before's dinner.

Right before bed, my stomach was tossing and turning and I knew I needed to eat. The only thing we had that sounded slightly appetizing was mashed potatoes but I was reeking of mashed potatoes and didn't want any more. So I settled for some Cinnamon Life cereal. It was okay, but nothing compared to a big, juicy cheese hamburger. Sweet Mikey wanted to go get me one but I refuse to just have him go get me any food I want any time of the day. Plus it's bad enough that I go to the grocery store every few days to stalk up on foods I think I'm going to want, only to find that I don't even want to look at them an hour later.

So bring on the second trimester. I'd love to eat anything and everything once again.

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