Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 71

I have a lot to say about pregnancy today.

First, let's talk about my women's health class that I took my last semester of college (January - April 2009). I learned all about women's health, diseases/problems, pregnancy, and menopause. I decided that I did not want neither pregnancy nor menopause and that I would gladly take menopause over pregnancy if I had to choose.

And now I get to enjoy pregnancy. For the past 3+ weeks, I've had a whole lot of bloating and gas. I really wish it would go away really soon. It's awful.

Back in March when I was learning about pregnancy, the only good thing that seemed my body would have going on is cravings but the past couple of weeks, I have realized that they are just as complex as the rest of my body. Lately I have been going to the grocery store to fulfill my cravings that I strongly believe will last longer than a day so I stalk up. However, as soon as I eat the food I'm craving, I am already on to a different craving. It's crazy. Today I was craving french fries and pizza with a whole lot of cheese. Well, I've eaten it and now I feel gross and sick. Why?!

I also get this lovely afternoon sickness that begins around 11 am almost everyday. The cure: food. Yesterday during church, I felt extremely sick around 11. I went home, ate a little rice and sour cream (it's a great combo), went back to church and didn't have any more problems until the evening hit.

The evening's a tricky thing. By the evening, I am exhausted, I have usually put some pretty abnormal foods (lots of vegetables and foods I'm craving) into my body, and I'm not feeling great. However, some evenings are great and some are absolutely miserable. I think it's all about how much food I've eaten that day.

Overeating is something I've struggled with since the 4th week of pregnancy, or actually the 2nd week of being pregnant. I remember that week well because it was the week where my stomach was a black hole. John, Danielle, Mike, and I had gone to the Olive Garden and I ate a ton of food. I had a few breadsticks, 4 plates of salad, all of my entree, 2 pieces of flat bread, and had drunk a few glasses of water. Normally I can eat 1 breadstick, 1 plate of salad maybe, part of my entree, and occassionally 1 glass of water. And that's how that whole week had been. For some reason, between birthdays and lack of time, I had eaten out a lot that week and it was the same eating every time ... as if I hadn't eaten all day.

And now I constantly feel hungry but if I eat more than a small plateful of food, I am guaranteed to feel awfully sick. Fun stuff.

And finally tomorrow is the big day! My first prenatal doctor's appointment. I could not be more excited which is ironic because I try to stay away from doctors as much as possible. I dread even the thought of making an appointment, but for this, I'm excited.

I'm hoping for a little heart beat and good news ... along with the bad. The bad meaning the upcoming changes, the multiple doctor appointments during the next year, and complications that could arise. Boo.

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