Tuesday, July 3, 2012

nap time

It's the time of the day again - nap time.  I love nap time. 

Little Lando is seriously the best baby I could have ever asked for.  He's making the top of my list today because it wasn't really even nap time for him but I put K in her room for a nap and sat him down on my lap while I went over bills with him at the desk.  Soon I realized that he was pretty limp and he had fallen asleep.  So K fell asleep quickly, luckily, so I got to put L down too and get things done so much quicker!  He's seriously amazing.

He also sat in the stroller like a big kid today - no car seat!  It was awesome.  I wanted all my neighbors to see but unfortunately, only one neighbor was outside that I could show him off to.  We walked over to Harmon's since we left the house so late today for a walk and Lando just sat like a big kid, looking at whatever he can see, and sat really contently.  On the way home he fell asleep even. 

K has been great this morning too.  I seriously could not get myself to wake up this morning.  She finally came over to me and said, "Mama?  Pray.  Pray."  I opened my eyes just enough to look at her and she was smiling, nodding her head, and folding her arms.  So I rolled off the bed, knelt down next to her, and she immediately said a prayer.  Once she was done, I stayed there and fell back asleep but for only a minute because she ended up coming back to me and handed me my glasses.  It's my cue that I can't lay there any longer and that I need to get up.  So I did.

She ended up vacuuming for about 15-20 minutes with her new vacuum she got from her grandparents, and then she swept for a while.  When she was done with our kitchen, she said, "Gramma.  Sweep?"  So she got to go upstairs and ask if she needed any sweeping done.  She did.  So she finished and went back downstairs to continue to sweep.

She loves helping with diaper changes, especially anyone else's but her own, and she's fantastic.  I sure do love that little girl!

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