Wednesday, May 16, 2012

prayer works

As I am quickly learning, having two kids definitely creates some jealously issues. I spend as much time with K as possible, but she wants the exact same attention as I give the baby all the time. She wants to be held and cuddled and changed on a blanket. She wants to be wrapped in a blanket and to swing on the baby swing. She cries all the time now instead of using words ... well, I guess it's more of crying with a few words that are usually not understandable. And I hate the crying. She knows to use words instead of just crying but the baby just cries and gets attention, so I guess she figures she can do the same thing. Instead, she gets left alone until she calms down which usually takes a while.

So a couple of days ago, after having a rough day, I prayed really hard to have more patience with K. And after many prayers and much faith, it worked. I had more than enough patience to deal with all the crying and disobedience of little K.

L, on the other hand, is so perfect. Sure, he cries quite a bit during diaper changes and only allows me to get about 2 1/2 straight hours of sleep at a time if I'm lucky, but goodness he's perfect. It's amazing to think he's only been on this earth for 3 short weeks! He has also lost his newborn face which also means he looks a lot less Asian. Mike's plan of calling him "Chang" really doesn't fit very well anymore. Thank goodness.

I've yet to do many pictures with L but I will be sure to do some soon because he's getting older and I don't want to forget how cute he is with his little baby face!

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