Tuesday, April 17, 2012

week 37 day 5

We're nearing the end of pregnancy here and wow, it's intense!

I'm excited to remember what it feels like to not be pregnant. I mean, I don't even remember what it's like to be able to roll over in bed without waking up. And I wake up because I can't move well and my shirt gets twisted and stuck between the sheets which is obnoxious. Plus without fail, I wake up around midnight (if I've been in bed for at least an hour), 2-3 am, and 5-6 am to use the bathroom. I guess it's nice though that I don't even have to put on my glasses to see what time it is - I already know! I am also looking forward to being able to put on clothes that fit me well and to go shopping for myself without thinking, "Can I really fit into this when I'm not pregnant?" And I don't even remember what it feels like to be able to sit down or stand up without pain.

We had our 37 week appointment yesterday. Bev, my favorite nurse (and the only one I normally see), asked me how my contractions were doing . I said that they were getting stronger and more uncomfortable and she replied, "Well, I guess we'll see if anything's happening down there today." She's so sweet but in my pregnant, frustrated head, I thought, "if something's not going on down there, I'm going to be really upset that I'm going through all this pain for nothing."

But my body didn't let me down. We have moved up to 3 centimeters dilated and still 80% effaced. It's good progress. I'm a little worried each day because my stress level has been so high that I'm afraid I'm going to put myself into labor but if I do, at least the baby is full-term. Plus really, I don't have an actual job so it's not like I'll miss out on meetings or special events if I have the baby early. The only thing that I'll miss is my Friday meetings with Mikey to discuss Must Have Giveaways which we have almost daily anyway.

Today, I've decided that looking at clothes for girls is just so much more fun than for boys. I mean, what in the world am I supposed to put him in on Sundays if I can't dress him up in cute dresses and bows? I know, pants and a shirt. Boring. Although it must be nice to be a boy going to church because a shirt, tie, and slacks are all that's required ... there are few options. Trying to get K ready for church on Sundays is the longest process:
"Do you want to wear this dress?"
"This dress?"
"Yes. No."
"How about this dress?"
"Mmm, no."
And it continues on and on like this through her fifty million dresses ... or her 10-15 dresses.


  1. We are having a boy too (early August) but I have had the opposite experience with clothes shopping! Are you kidding? Little vests and polos and belts and ties and shoes and dinosaurs and trucks and monsters. I think it's been just as fun... Hope you catch the vision ;) best of luck these next weeks.

    1. Steph, I hope I catch the vision too. Maybe I just haven't found the right store yet. If you know of any great ones, send their names this way ... that exist here in the states.

      And I am so excited for you and you having a little boy! I hope things are going well with pregnancy this round!