Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make a note:  K's first time of holding a boy's hand and hugging a boy (other than a relative, of course) was at 7 months, 5 days ... today!  A friend of a friend's came over with her 18-month old and it was like from first sight for both of them.  Good thing for the little boy too because he has a little sister coming in a couple of months and I can tell already, he's going to be a great older brother.

Little Babers really likes her sleep which is great.  On a normal, scheduled day, she sleeps from about 7-9:30 am, 11-12:30 am, 2-4 pm, and 7 pm-6:30 am.  But I sort of feel like I'm missing out on her life.  I mean, each time she's awake, I feed her which takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on how fast she's eating and how much solids she wants.  Then she needs a diaper change and sometimes a clothes change.  After that she plays for a while on her own.  Then she wants a change of toys so I usually play with her for a bit.  Sometimes we read.  Then she needs a diaper change and she goes back down for a nap.  The only time I really have to spend a lot of time with her is from 4-7 pm but that's usually busy with dinner and errands before bed.  But I'm guessing that once she starts skipping one of her naps, I'm going to really miss these days when she sleeps a lot.  It's just days like today where I feel like I don't get much quality time that I feel a little sad about her sleep habits.

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